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Chairman Gyawali’s commitment to solve all land related problems within three years

  Kathmandu:- Devi Prasad Gyawali, the newly appointed chairman of the Land Problems Resolution Commission, has said that there will be no land related problem within three years. He expressed his commitment to solve all the land related issues within the time frame specified by the government.
The meeting of the Council of Ministers on March 3 had appointed Gyawali as the chairman of the Commission. The decision was published in the Gazette on Tuesday.
He continued: “We have been given three years time but we have thought that we can work within two years and six months as long as possible.”
He further added, “The current public representatives create a situation where we solve the problem.” He claims that land issues will be resolved before the next election.
In a telephonic conversation on Wednesday, he said that the constitution should be worked on the shoulders, rules and regulations. He said that he would always keep an eye on the poor, the landless, the victims and those who shed blood on the land.
Stating that the constitution has mentioned the rights of the land to the Dalits, oppressed and landless people as a fundamental right, Gyawali said that no one should be deprived of exercising the rights given by the constitution.
Gyawali, who became the candidate of the then CPN (UML) in the chief post of Bharatpur Municipal Corporation, was defeated by Renu Dahal of the then CPN (Maoist). The election of Bharatpur metropolis was very much discussed in the political circle.
Gyawali has experience working as a Deputy Head of Bharatpur Municipality. Likewise, he has experience working at different levels from the CPN-UML district leadership. He is currently a central member of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN).
The members of the Commission are Bhim Bahadur Karki (Pokhara), Jagat Deuja (Sindhupalchok), Manjali Shakya (Lalitpur) and Dinesh Chandra Yadav (Banke).
The Land Regulation Act (Eighth Amendment) 2 states that a Commission for the management of land will be constituted. According to the Act, the Commission was formed.
In the order of formation, the Commission has the provision of being the joint secretary of the central government appointed by the central government. The government has fixed the commission’s term for three years.
According to the Land Regulation Act (Eighth Amendment), the Government shall, under the Commission, constitute a District Committee in six districts.

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